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IperionX set to deliver titanium parts to Ford Motor Company as Scope of Work agreed

IperionX has agreed a Scope of Work (SoW) for the supply of titanium components to Ford Motor Company.

The news of the SoW comes after an active collaboration between the two companies that has explored the design, testing and additive manufacturing of a series of high-quality titanium parts for future Ford Performance production vehicles. Ford Performance is the automotive giant’s high-performance and racing division, with Ford currently aiming to be the only manufacturer competing in Formula 1, Le Mans 24 hours, WRC, Baja 1000, and NASCAR.

Following a detailed programme of quality and strength testing of IperionX’s low-carbon, circular titanium metal offering, Ford and IperionX struck an SoW agreement with a view to installing additively manufactured components on Ford Performance vehicles. Ford’s Sustainability and Advanced Materials divisions have verified IperionX’s titanium against the required ASTM International parameters, while the titanium components produced by IperionX will also undergo a comprehensive ‘finishing study’ to assess a range of potential surface finish of parts. These tests will help to guide the final design of components, as well as unit costs.

Ford has sought to work with IperionX because of its proprietary technology’s promise to deliver sustainability benefits, in addition to titanium’s inherent strength-to-weight, corrosion resistance and durability advantages. The company’s Hydrogen Assisted Metallothermic Reduction (HAMR) process can take ‘almost any form of’ titanium or scrap titanium alloy feedstock and produce titanium powders at ‘very low energy intensity.’ Ford has also recently joined the First Movers Coalition, a global initiative set up to harness purchasing power and supply chains for ‘innovative clean industrial materials technologies’, and has a commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

“We are proud to partner with Ford to accelerate the deployment of a sustainable, circular titanium supply chain for the global automotive market,” commented Anastasios (Taso) Arima, IperionX CEO. “Our low-carbon titanium metal is uniquely made with 100% recycled titanium and can significantly improve automotive supply chains by using high-strength titanium components with nearly half the weight of steel.

“IperionX is re-shoring a lower cost and more sustainable US titanium supply chain – shifting from a linear supply chain to a lower carbon, circular titanium supply chain – recycling titanium scrap to manufacture low carbon, high performance titanium components. We are pleased that Ford has partnered with us to improve automotive supply chains and scale our low-carbon, circular, titanium business.”

Earlier this year, IperionX announced the completion of designs for two new plants that it believes will facilitate the ‘world’s largest’ titanium manufacturing capacity. The company has also announced partnerships with Canyon and SLM Solutions in recent months.



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