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Apple TV Multiview: How to get started

Apple recently added Multiview for live sports on Apple TV 4K so you can watch multiple games at once. Here’s how to use it.

Apple TV 4K devices now support viewing multiple live sports games at once. Users can view up to four games simultaneously on Apple TV 4K devices.

On May 17th Apple announced the addition of Multiview to tvOS on Apple TV 4K. Multiview lets you watch up to four Major League Soccer or Friday Night Baseball games in the Apple TV app.

To use multiview on Apple TV you’ll need tvOS 16.5 or later.

Getting started


Once you choose which games you want to watch on Apple TV, you can enlarge one and keep the others small in thumbnails on-screen live in real-time, or you can watch all four in equally-sized quadrant views – one in each corner of the screen.

How to start watching Apple TV sports streams in Multiview

    1. View one live sports stream in the fullscreen player.


    1. If Multiview is available, a grid appears above the scrubber control. Click the grid to minimize the stream into a floating window.


    1. A list of other possible live sports streams appears below the controls. Select a second stream from the list to add it to Multiview.


    1. Repeat the process for up to four streams.


Audio only plays for the currently active stream. To change focus to another stream and hear its audio feed instead, swipe on the Siri Remote to change focus to one of the other games in the Multiview grid.

To make any one of the live streams in Multiview go fullscreen, click it with the remote. To go back to Multiview, press the Back button on the remote.

Multiview only works on live-streaming sports channels so you can’t currently use it with things like TV shows or movies. But you probably wouldn’t want to do that anyway since it would be too distracting.

Additional support coming soon


Apple is working on adding support for other sports streaming services. It’s also rumored YouTube is working on Multiview support capability for tvOS.

Overall Multiview is handy, even if only for sports. The speed with which you can flip between live feeds with a flick of the Siri Remote is addicting.

You can keep other streams in view for scores or to look out for critical moments while you still keep your focus on the game you want to watch.



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