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Abu Dhabi’s New National Factory: Pioneering 3D Printing and Robotics

In a significant move towards advancing the UAE’s industrial sector, Sinaha Platform, the unified platform supporting national products, has partnered with international firm Omega Future to establish Abu Dhabi’s first-ever 3D printer and educational robot factory. The agreement, signed during the Make it in the Emirates Forum, reflects the objectives of the National Strategy for Industry and Advanced Technology.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by key officials, including Osama Amir Fadl from the Ministry of Industry & Advanced Technology, and Arafat Al-Yafei from the Industrial Development Office in ADDED. The Deputy CEO of Sinaha, Kardous Muhammad bin Salem bin Kardous Al-Amiri, and CEO & Founder of Omega Future, Yaroslav Aleinik, inked the deal, highlighting their commitment to the country’s industrial growth.

Abu Dhabi's New National Factory: Pioneering 3D Printing and Robotics
Abu Dhabi will become a regional 3D printing and robotics hub. (Image Credit: Kevin JD)

By attracting investments and advanced technologies, Sinaha aims to position Abu Dhabi as a competitive regional industrial hub aligned with the UAE’s strategic vision. The establishment of a 3D printing and educational robotics industry is crucial to this endeavor as it allows for the fast and efficient delivery of products.

The forthcoming facility will cater to local, regional, and international markets by providing multifunctional 3D printers that offer scientific breakthroughs and contribute to economic expansion. Additionally, the factory will focus on manufacturing and programming educational robots, addressing the growing demand in this sector.

Abu Dhabi and the UAE offer an environment conducive to industrial success, providing the necessary support and resources for investors to flourish. The integration of 3D printing and robotics will serve the industrial and commercial sectors, further strengthening the nation’s position in the global market.

As the UAE moves forward with its vision for the future, this national factory represents a significant step in embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The convergence of advanced technologies and local production capabilities will not only enhance the industrial sector but also bolster supply chains and promote homegrown products. The launch of this factory will undoubtedly pave the way for innovative solutions and economic growth, solidifying Abu Dhabi’s status as a leading player in the global manufacturing landscape.

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